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Crash Bandicoot in Scene 3 - PlayStation 4

Crash Bandicoot in Scene 3 - PlayStation 4
Crash Bandicoot in Scene 3 - PlayStation 4


Crash Bandicoot In Sin Triology video game by Activision for Playstation 4 allows you to visit Wumpa Island as if you had never seen it before. You can download the Crash Bandicoot video game for PlayStation 4 from Souq. You can return to play by joining your favorite set of games with the Crash Bandicoot N Scene Game by Activision N-Sane Trilogy by Activision for PlayStation 4. You will be able to meet Crash Bandicoot and accompany him on crazy adventures through three Unforgettable new experiences. This game is specially designed for the current generation of PlayStation 4. The game package includes Crash Bandicoot, CB 2 Cortex Strikes Back and CB3 Warped. This triple game is specially designed to give you amazing pictures, immersive sounds and an exciting classic gameplay experience. You can play as a crush character or play the role of his younger sister Coco. You can also jump, make dodging moves, or ride your bike through three crazy adventures in which you face everything that intercepts your way in the waterfalls to the talking hours. Save the world and enjoy!

Key features

The platform: Playstation 4

+ ARBC Rating: All 10

Crash Bandicoot in Sin Triology


Crash Bandicoot In Sen Triology from Activision allows you, for the first time, to take part in all three classic adventures, as you are in the form of Coco Bandicoot's sister, who is characterized by sharp intelligence and vitality. Moreover, this game from Crash Bandicoot PlayStation 4 has been updated to look fresh and modern. Moreover, Coco has acquired through her attack style that her N-Sane Attacks are a force to be reckoned with!

Three full adventures, one great package

You can go through all three adventures of Crash Icon through Crash Bandicoot In Sin Triology PlayStation 4. You must save Wumpa Island and unite with your old enemy Dr. New Cortex Dr. Neo Cortex Because a terrible catastrophe threatens to invade the world, travel through time on a motorcycle, or by plane, and even on the back of your little dinosaur T-Rex. This classic series of special mission game invites you to immerse yourself in play as if you were playing a life-threatening fateful game on Earth.

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