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Wolfenstein Youngblood - PS4

Wolfenstein Youngblood - PS4
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Wolfenstein Youngblood - PS4

Basic features

Collaborate with a friend or play alone with the AI ​​companion in Wolfenstein's first modern collaborative adventure

"Wolfenstein: Youngblood" video game features the most open-ended "Wolfenstein" gaming experience to date. Starting from a new base of operations located in the heart of the catacombs in Paris, plan how and when you will attack and dismantle the Nazi regime

"Wonderful years." This game features extremely dangerous missions on the stunning Parisian lands and streets marked with graffiti against the Nazi clans in their leather clothes, in addition to an entirely new audio track inspired by the classic action movie of the eighties

The latest advances in power armor technology, weapons, and armor are used to eliminate the Nazi mob. Go to the highest standards, explore and complete missions to unlock skills, weapons, cosmetic devices and more to fully enjoy your gameplay.

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