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Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Xbox

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Xbox
غير متوفر حاليا
Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Xbox


Do not miss the opportunity to add the famous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to your game collection. The game features a tactical and strategic gameplay style that gives you a lot of suspense and excitement. This game also provides an opportunity to experience different weapons in the virtual world with a realistic launch mechanism and sounds for an immersive experience. Call of Duty Modern Warfare game contains different combat maps so that you and your friends can explore different missions. The characters in this game have a degree of realism.

Key features

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game

A first-person shooter game on PlayStation 4

Immersive gameplay and impressive graphics

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game

Enter a world full of suspense and excitement with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which features its own graphics. Choose your favorite weapons available, all of which have a powerful and realistic launch mechanism. The game also shows great interest in every detail to give you an exciting experience.

Have fun with friends

Double the fun and share with your friends or other players to complete the in-game quests. The game requires tactics and strategies, as well as working as a team

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