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A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4

A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4
A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4
A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4
A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4
A50 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 4


ASTRO A50 Gaming Headset | Wireless headset Stereo sound from Dolby 7.1

5 GHz wireless technology

Discard cables with confidence. As Astro wireless technology provides strong performance by working at a higher frequency. This keeps you in perfect sync with your own game and eliminates interference from other wireless devices, allowing you to focus on winning. No chat cable needed on any device.

ASTRO base station transmitter

The A50 gaming headset is automatically paired with the ASTRO base station for frustration-free connection, while magnetic charging allows easy installation when the headset is not in use. The base station's front screen shows battery life and charging modes to ensure you never experience problems with a power-free headphone. The 3.5 mm rear port supports additional audio sources, giving you the ability to receive phone calls, cover the musical background, or output your game sound and chat on external recording devices.

Dolby stereo sound 7.1 channels for headphone

Whether it's stereo or multi-channel stereo sound, the A50 gives you accurate sound no matter the source. Determining the spatial and directional position is crucial in competitive gameplay, and the A50 is designed with that in mind. The end result is a realistic cinematic gameplay experience that gives you the ability to define different objects and sounds as a 3D space.

Professional sound quality

ASTRO headphones are specially tuned for gaming. We work closely with developers, professional players, to deliver dialogue, music, and in-game sounds as they should have been heard. ASTRO acoustics provide a neutral and smooth spectrum extension to visualize a true and detailed life. This means unstressed hikes, clear sound transmission, and tight, distortion-free bass for balanced accuracy.

Professional sound quality

Precise microphone with fold-up and mute capability

ASTRO has been imagined for games in sports tournaments, so we know the importance of clean voice chat. The powerful and flexible microphone on the A50 provides clear, low-noise communication and is ideal for your Xbox One, computer, and Mac. With the Astro Command Center software, players can fully adjust microphone levels and other settings according to the environment around them and their favorites.

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