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Playstation 5 + 1 games + charger base

Playstation 5 + 1 games + charger base
Playstation 5 + 1 games + charger base


+ 3 games in one bar

The launch of the all-new version of the 2020 games | Play without limits

Playing games at lightning speed with ultra-fast SSD technology, and 3D immersion is deeper, both when using controls and players, and hearing interactive sounds, it's a whole new generation of the great PlayStation® series of games.

Lightning speed | Amazing Games | Immersive gameplay

Benefit from the power of a dedicated CPU, GPU, and memory stick drive, with built-in I / O units, to rewrite the rules of gameplay in a completely different way and with blazing fast playback. Enjoy stunning graphics and try out the new PS5 ™ features. Discover a deeper gaming experience, through the use of controls and drivers, and hear interactive 3D sounds to fully immerse yourself in the game.

Inspire your senses with a unique console

The DualSense ™ Wireless Controller for PS5 offers an immersive touch and control experience, dynamic drivers and an integrated microphone, all integrated into an iconic design.

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