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Mad Max with the Reaper - PlayStation 4

Mad Max with the Reaper - PlayStation 4
Mad Max with the Reaper - PlayStation 4


Mad Max provides you with a set of exciting missions and a very clear picture, you can get it from Mad Max provides you with an unparalleled gaming experience, it is characterized by an ultra-clear and breathtaking effect. In this game you have to embody the character of Mad Max, who must recover a military plane that was seized by a group of thieves. Fight with a group of brutal movements to defeat the bandits in the Westland Wasteland region. This game provides you with dynamic battles using vehicles, as you have to destroy enemies cars by using a group of lethal weapons and modified machines, and you can choose the pieces that you want to install to build your warship. This great game will provide you with an experience of living exciting adventures in a world devastated.

Key features

Playstation 4

Region 2

Only the brutes remain alive

 Mad Max game

Everyone in Westland Wasteland must struggle to survive. Max is hesitant and decides to stay away from problems in order to lead a quiet life in the Plains of Silence. In this terrible world, running out of fuel is so difficult to matter, that even as a death sentence, you have to fight against terrifying thieves and prevent them from obtaining precious fuel sources and treasures. Warplane is your only hope of survival as enemies approach you, and you have to make the decision between continuing to fight or flee, as this decision means choosing between life or death.

kill or be killed

 Mad Max game

Scrotus and the rest of his gang are searching for the military plane and want to kill you, which puts you at great risk, so you have to keep the will to survive and use it as a lethal weapon in their face. After you were left in Wasteland alone without a vehicle, you must follow any method to survive. Create your warship that will enable you to withstand the enemies by finding and choosing the appropriate mechanical parts, then save your life away from the madness of this harsh area.

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