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Dead Racing 4 Frank,S Big Package - PlayStation 4

Dead Racing 4 Frank,S Big Package - PlayStation 4
Dead Racing 4 Frank,S Big Package - PlayStation 4


Skyrim game: virtual reality

The Frank Big Backage release would allow PlayStation 4 players to access the main game Dead Racing 4 in addition to all previously released game contents. New to Dead Rising 4, players will stride their feet into the seasonal celebrations of Willamette in Colorado amid a mysterious outbreak spreading via Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and the surrounding city.

The original Dead Rising

The original Dead Rising

News photographer Frank West returns 16 years after the events of Dead Rising. The common man who finds himself in unusual situations, Frank seeks to uncover the truth behind a government plot responsible for the outbreak. With intense action and an unparalleled level of weaponry, players explore, and struggle to survive in the open world there is also a game mode called "Capcom Heroes": it is a completely new way to experience the game story that allows Frank to wear strange clothes and perform special attacks inspired by the characters. Capcom classic.

An open world for exploration and adventure

Explore huge areas of Willamette's Megaplex memorial and surrounding city of weapons and costumes to fight apocalypse and find clues. .

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