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Assassin Creed Origin - PlayStation 4

Assassin Creed Origin - PlayStation 4
Assassin Creed Origin - PlayStation 4


Assassin's Creed: Origins events take place in Egypt in the era of the Ptolemies, and through that era we see clues indicating what the next versions of the game will be, as will be seen through this review, but at first let's get acquainted with the hero of this part, which players will experience his story And perform his role.

The hero of the game in this part is "Bayek of Siwa", a hiker and desert guard, who seeks revenge against a secret group or group, which is the group that will be the nucleus of the Templars, and during this quest the story of Pike intersects with a number of real historical figures such as : The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, the Greek Leader Julius Caesar and others, and during the wandering of the main character in the vast desert of Egypt and its ancient cities, the story requires his killing of a number of Egyptian public figures on the political and social levels, which will lead to shaping the future of the Egyptian Kingdom, leading to accumulations in the future of the modern world

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