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Game - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Switch

Game - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Switch
Game - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Switch


The story revolves around a person who is arrested with a handful of prisoners at the hands of the "Imperial" soldiers because he is suspected of being a rebel against the empire (Storm Clock). You will be at the beginning of the game inside a chariot going to your death with a group of soldiers located on your right "Olverk Storm Clock". The leader of Windhelm (the one who killed the king) and some of his followers. When the cart arrives in the village, the arrested people go to a square to be executed. They advance one by one, and during that, a sound similar to a roar is heard. When the hero’s turn comes, he puts his head on the guillotine, and the executioner raises his ax, and when a dragon descends on the village, everyone gets scared and starts attacking the dragon in defense of themselves. You go with him to his uncle's house and tell him what happened, and he asks you to tell the ruler of "Whytern", a city of Skyrim, about the matter. From here, your adventure begins with discovering the reason for the return of the dragons and killing the evil god represented by a large dragon named (Aldwin) and the reason for this is that the civil war that occurs in The country is only the last event of events that occurred in the past, and this event was predicted by the previous nations and written in ancient newspapers "Elder scrolls" It was also mentioned that Aldwin, the god of evil and mass destruction would return in the form of a giant and powerful dragon and Aldwin himself predicted that he would control the world with his followers Of the dragons (the race of black dragons), here "Dragonborn" was chosen by the goddess "Tamerial" and Dragonborn is just a nickname since it can be a man or a woman

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