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Game - The Legend of Kai Switch

Game - The Legend of Kai Switch
Game - The Legend of Kai Switch


For many generations, the mysterious land of Yinching has been inhabited by many animals, especially cats, hares, frogs, and pandas. Because of a religious law called the Way, these four races thrived throughout the ages in their separate cities. But as the years went by, younger generations started to veer off the road. In the end, with no protective code to guide the races, Yenching is invaded by gorillas and rats (known as Din), led by gorilla minister Shaun Wutack, a rat alchemist. Minister Shun now rules the majority of the Yinching with an iron fist, and is said to reside on the Wa-Lo volcanic mountain.

The story now centers around a character named Kai. Kai is a reckless young cat, who is the best martial arts master student. Like many people in racing, Kai doesn't believe in method, and likes to focus on physical skills and strength. This causes his girlfriend, Su Ling, to leave his town in disgust, hoping to find another town with whom to share her belief in reviving the road. One day, at a martial arts school in Kai, Gorilla Shaun and the mayor of Kai town announce that they must close the school because new religion schools must be established in the city soon. Kai is angry, and even more so when his master simply agrees to the new terms. And so, when Kai makes his decision, he sneaks into his master's house at night (the master is drunk, asleep) and steals the mysterious code that the master keeps.

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